Road Trip Playlist

Every good road trip needs an equally good playlist. Whilst I was happy to serenade Dom for the duration, predominantly with Dolly Parton classics, he was surprisingly less keen. The word ‘banshee’ was used. Rude.

So this page is going to be dedicated to songs, not sung by me, that have been suggested to us, as well as a few of our own choices. Please feel free to suggest songs that would be on your ultimate road trip playlist, we’re going to need plenty of music! And yes, ‘Highway to Hell’ has already been mentioned…

My first choice is Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird. I have chosen this for a number of reasons: it’s one of my favourite songs; it has that incredible guitar solo; it’s about 9 minutes long, which will make the miles fly by! Click here for the link, and enjoy!

We’ve already had some suggestions coming in, the first from our friend Steve. His initial, genius, request is Neil Diamond – America. How did we not think of this?! Click here for the link. The second choice is The Proclaimers – Letter From America. Click here for link. Knockin’ it outta the park with these, Steve.

Check out the Spotify playlist we currently have on the go, and feel free to suggest more!

4 thoughts on “Road Trip Playlist

  1. 1. Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show
    2. I’ve been everywhere by Johnny Cash
    3. For What it’s worth by Buffalo Springfield
    4. The Mulan soundtrack


  2. Hi there….Big sky and desert music.. Anything by Bruce Hornsby and the range especially ‘The Valley Road’ and ‘Look out any window’…America’s ‘Ventura Highway’ and ‘Horse with no name’….Coldplay ‘Adventure of a lifetime’…Allman Brothers ‘Jessica;'(you can pretend you on a Top Gear road-trip!!)…Pat Metheney ‘To the end of the World’ name but a few to add to the list….. watch out for the those pancakes guys….Jxxxx


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