Country music lyrics

If you’re travelling across the US, country music is an inevitability. Listen to a country music radio station for more than an hour, and you just start hearing the same songs on repeat, so we’ve gotten to know them quite well by now!

Some of the lyrics are hilarious, especially as they’re predominantly crooned by older, cowboy-esque sounding men, singing about pretty young girls. They also seem to delight in making women saints or sinners, nothing in between. Obviously. You have the good girl who goes to bed early and says her prayers at night, or you have the bad girl who dances on bars in short shorts.

So I’ve taken to noting some of them down. I’ll keep adding them, as soon as I hear any more gems!

‘She looks so pretty with her make-up on’

‘She smiles when she holds a baby’

‘A single mother’s first date is like a job interview’

‘Hey girl, I’ll tell you what you’ve been missin’… ME’

‘You look like I need another drink right now’

‘Come on over here baby, I wanna lay you down on a bed of sweet surrender’

This isn’t just a lyric, because I could quote the whole song. It’s about an older guy (obviously), lusting after some younger girls (obviously). Twins to be exact, called Betty-Lu and Nancy-Jo, or some such. Our troubadour is worried that, as he’s slightly older, his sexual prowess might not be what it was. And that’s the whole song. Lamenting the fact he’s passed his prime, and lusting after the twins who might prove too much for him.

‘When you see a deer you see bambi, and I see antlers up on my wall’

‘My eyebrows ain’t plucked, there’s a gun in my truck, oh thank god I’m still a man