We’re Katie and Dom.  We’ve done it! Quit our jobs and embarked on something under planned, over ambitious and not all that smart.  We’re taking our modest American camper (1 year younger than Dom’s 33 years), with questionable facilities and no structural integrity, from Boston Massachusetts to (hopefully) the West Coast.  Yes, a potential 4,000 miles of open road lies before us with our beloved camper, affectionately known as “Al Dente”, as our chariot.

We want to watch the stars in the Utah desert and climb the Rockies.  Meet the folks in the middle America that we don’t know much about, and check out a rodeo.  See the wheat fields and watch crop dusters.  Go to a mid-west Hooters bar (that’s more of a Dom request) and watch a game of baseball with a hotdog and beer in hand.  Surf with Californian dudes and meet genuine cowboys.  We want to do the lot and blow our hard-earned savings on it.

Feel free to follow us on our ambitious and most probably doomed attempt at doing something that we’ve always dreamed of.

This is us driving due west.