Turning North

Dom: After our long awaited sighting of the wolf, we head for the northern exit of Yellowstone, which means driving back into the park from where we were camped. A little over an hour later and the spell of Yellowstone is burst suddenly.  Sitting just outside the park’s boarder’s are the tourist businesses that aren’t … More Turning North

Bison Alarm

Katie: It’s not often that I voluntarily get up at 6 o’clock in the morning, but being woken up by a herd of bison making their way through your campsite does slightly change matters. Having had a glimpse of bison (or buffalo) in South Dakota, I couldn’t wait to get to Yellowstone to see them … More Bison Alarm

Grand Tetons

Dom: We wake up in Jackson after having one of those nights where we’re half awake, and waiting for the cops to knock on our door and to ask us to move on.  On this occasion they don’t, and we grab some food at a bagel shop and then promptly head towards the Grand Tetons … More Grand Tetons